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Preparing to Install Laminate Flooring

23 Jan 2018
Preparing to Install Laminate Flooring
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Before we begin the floor installation, there are few things that we need to look into it.

1. Subfloor must be leveled, moisture free & debris free. Laminate floor is noisier than woods. Therefore, the underlayer cushions the floor and helps reduce noise.
2. When you measure the area that you wish to cover, ensure you have added in 10% wastage
3. Undercut the door trim and door jambs. If the laminate flooring that you choose is 8mm thick, please ensure the gap zone between the door and floor is around 11mm - 12mm
4. Please ensure windows and doors are completely installed.
5. The gap zone between the wall and floor is depends on the room's humidity.

Now that you've prepped your room like a master painter preps a canvas, you're ready for the actual install.

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